Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Greater Loss

Once the ocean asked the river water as it came to meet him-“Why do you seem so nervous and moving slowly? You jumped off the mountains and travelled through tough terrains just to meet me! Then what is the matter now?”

“Yeah! I agree that I was very much eager to meet you and ran furiously towards the goal, but as I traveled I now realize that I am going to miss the felicity and excitement of the journey which I had. And now as I reached nearer, I know that I am going to become greater, but the nervousness is due to the loss of tiny things which I shall never experience again” the water said.


  1. mast post ahe! Is there a sanskrit shlok as well that inspired you come up with this? I dare not doubt your creativity Your Highness, but would love to read Sanskrit too if there is one! :)

  2. Wooohooo! Amazing. Nice way to describe this emotion of 'end of journey'. And yes, it's good thought to enjoy the present.

  3. Well written Mak. I felt it same during our last discussion.

  4. Mak, that's posted in Apr... I can guess what you were thinking..
    Btw, have you heard of ocean currents !? Greatly impact the way things exist ! Way to go. Bravo ! :)