Friday, April 7, 2017


Real number line with finite precision,
That is how we measure,
The vastly infinite and immeasurable…
Nature’s absolute treasure!

Ratings, scores and indices everywhere,
You know, that’s easy to compare;
Marks, grade and divisional shade
Numbers arise and colours fade!

Wanna watch a movie, surprise twists and unknown story?
Oh! That’s a perspective of a bygone age 😕
IMDB ratings or ⁂stars⁂ only matter;
Movies are rated by their scores’ percentage!

How impactful are Newtons’ discoveries?😑
Or Gauss’, Eulers’, Ampère’s thoeries?
Negligible, aren’t they? with miniscule h-index!
That’s what matters; mere research is like fairies!

Entertainment counted in Tele-rating-points (TRPs),
It is also a numbers’-game
Oh! You might be a brilliant artist,
But with low TRP, you are just a shame!!!

“How do you feel?” – is it even a valid question?
ABCD, SAPS-II, Wells and Krenning – scores of scores [1]
Treatment of humans – going impersonal… 😕
Doctors’ job becoming just chores!!

Learning machines and un-learning people,😑
Thus help the numbers, to the “so-called” progress
Just pause a little before we forget -
Poetic pleasure in life, in a run for success!!

[1] This line describes names of various scores used in medical treatment.

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