Monday, November 8, 2010

दीपावली शुभाशयाः

आम्रः फलेषु मयूरः खगेषु
यथा सिंहः वनश्वापदेषु
चिरं निधानं प्रकाशहर्षस्य
तथैव दीपोत्सव उत्सवेषु ।।

As mango is the king amongst all fruits, as peacock is the king of all birds and king of all animals is the lion;
So is the Deepawali-king of all festivals, and the permanent source of joyous light (and resplendent joy!).


  1. yathayogya varnan.
    Upama ka rupak alankaaar? Upama wattoy.

  2. please change font color, yellow/light orange is not visible over the white background!

  3. about the post itself... very apt for the occasion, it rocks as usual!!!